1. 目的とゴールの明確化
  2. アジェンダの共有
  3. 資料や道具の用意
  4. アイスブレイク
  5. グランドルールの作成
  6. 意見交換の促進の実施
  7. アイデアの十分な発散
  8. 論点整理をしたか
  9. 利害調整して合意形成
  10. ゴールを達成できたか

7P workshop preparation

  1. Purpose - Why are we having this meeting?
  2. Participants - Who needs to be there and what role will they play?
  3. Product - What specific artefact will we produce out of the meeting? What will it do, and how will it support the purpose?
  4. Process - How will the attendees collaborate to fulfil the purpose and generate the product? What is the agenda? What techniques will be used to to engage them?
  5. Practical - What are the logistics of the meeting (where and when)?
  6. Preparation - What would be useful to do in advance?
  7. Pitfalls - What are the risks in this meeting and how will we address them?